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For centuries our ancestors have lived in San Juan Chamelco, Alta Verapaz, leaving us their wisdom and passion as a legacy for hard work.


At the end of the nineteenth century, a family of Germans purchased a farm in our land and began to teach us the process of a very special kind of black tea. We named it Te Chirrepeco because the first plantation was near a cave and in our Queckchi language, chirrepec mens “beside the cave”.


We learned how to cultivate the tea by taking the advice and teachings from the Germans and the wisdom passed from our Queckchi ancestors. Our parents and grandparents took care of every detail, from plantation to cutting and drying, so the product was the best it could be.


However, before World War II, the Germans emigrated and left the farm in the hands of the Government which left as the administrator one of the original Germans. It was him who taught our fathers the art of planting, reaping and processing the tea. It gives as fruit a product with very special qualities that benefits physically and emotionally the person who drinks it.


In the twentieth century a program, sponsored by Canada, emerged in order to help our organization and build an enterprise that could make this product be known around the world. 


This is the origin of our tea, the fruit harvested from the wisdom of our grandparents. Today, after we have reached new knowledge of quality, production and commercialization it satisfies the international certifications that are required to make an organic and fair trade product.




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